Medicare & Margaritas in 2024



Amanda Brewton
Owner, Medicare Answers Now


Hi! I'm Amanda Brewton out of Cleveland, Ohio. If you're looking for a shiny, sugar-coated bio, you’re in the wrong place. I’m almost 6 feet of no-nonsense, straight-talking Medicare Yoda, but don’t let the rugged exterior fool you.

I deeply care about my clients, my agents, and this industry. For over 17 years and counting, I've been deep in the trenches of the Medicare world, having worked for the likes of Aetna and Anthem. This isn’t just my job, it's my passion.

Why? Because I believe everyone deserves clarity when it comes to their health coverage. That's why I've dedicated years to teaching and spreading knowledge across the country. Topics that I can talk about and teach? You name 'em – Ethics, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, and a ton of Continuing Education courses. Hell, they even named me “Educator of the Year” at my local NABIP Chapter. Not too shabby, right? I'm also the creator behind the industry leading conferences such as Ms. Medicare Conference, because women in this industry need to stand tall, network, learn, and take charge of their dreams. Let’s not forget about the men! "Medicare and Margaritas" – that’s right, who says you can’t mix business with mixed drinks? This is an industry learning event unlike any other! It's a deep dive into our field with a side of social networking and fun at the beach.

I’ve been a member of NABIP (National Association of Benefit and Insurance Professionals) since 2007 and worn many hats. Right now, I’m in the roles as National Membership Medicare Chair and I’m working with an elite group of my peers with the NABIP Medicare Advisory Group, working elbow-to-elbow with CMS and other various levels of legislature, ensuring the voices of agents like us don’t get drowned out. Alright, enough about me. If you're here, it’s because you want answers and clarity, not fluff. And that's precisely what you'll get.

Let’s go! Game on!


Key Speakers

Cameron Giardini


Hello everyone, meet Cameron Giardini, your friendly neighborhood "Medicare Nerd!" After swapping med school aspirations for mom's advice, Cameron now runs content creation for Giardini Medicare, helping thousands transition to Medicare smoothly. While he may not have a wall of certificates, he's a Facebook sensation for his snappy, enlightening Medicare commentary. Off-duty, he's either mountain biking, surfing, or globetrotting to find the next best dish.

Ann Myers


Ann Myers is co-founder and operating partner of Myer's Family Insurance in Salem, Ohio with her husband Jim. Ann and her team have proudly dedicated the last 10 years to building a business that specializes in Medicare products, Retirement planning and Life Insurance. She is humbled and honored to tell you her business has skyrocketed to over 6000 clients and counting, owing her success to her core values of Faith, Family and Community with a heavy focus on hometown marketing. With over 20 years of experience in Medicare, Ann still finds the time to help several non- profit organizations like 4-H and sponsor their local sports teams. She also has been invited as the keynote speaker at multiple industry events and is able to share and educate throughout her community all while taking care of her beautiful family of four.

Craig Villwock
Co- Founder and Owner, TLC Insurance Group, Inc. and TLC Wealth, Inc.


Craig Villwock has had a career in the insurance business since 1997 and is very experienced in sales and training on individual, union, employer and group Medicare markets. Craig is a highly regarded and nationally recognized Medicare and retirement planning specialist. His focus has always been on helping retirees, as well as pre-retirees, make the best health and financial decisions.
Craig is the Co-Owner of TLC Insurance Group and Wealth, Inc., a national Field Marketing Organization for Medicare brokers. TLC Insurance Group is co-owned and managed by Craig and his twin brother, Chris. Chris and Craig are committed to being the best. Together, they have been awarded many top industry honors in their career and have grown TLC Insurance Group into one of the largest producing Medicare agencies in the country. Craig has been asked to participate on advisory panels with multiple national Medicare carriers. Currently, Craig Villwock sits on the AARP National Advisory Board and was appointed as the national Chairman of the AARP Broker Advisory Board in 2019. Craig has become known as the innovator of “Mass Medicare Marketing”, which fills the un-serviced need of many employers and provides unique Medicare sales and marketing opportunities to brokers. Because of this niche market experience, Craig has become a requested speaker for national employer and union conventions. Craig has helped TLC attain many exclusive contracts with national unions and employers to manage and service their retirees.
One of Craig’s most praised strengths is offering guidance on “how to successfully grow your business” to Medicare focused brokers and agencies of all sizes and experience levels. Craig has always believed in the “Team Approach.” He has helped assemble a large and experienced TLC Staff/Management Team which oversees TLC’s national employer and group call center (TLC Retiree Service Center), along with multiple TLC Agency Offices and TLC Union locations throughout the U.S. TLC’s Corporate Home Office is in Warren, OH. Craig is married with 2 beautiful daughters. His favorite moments are spending time with his family and participating in many sports. Craig currently resides in Warren (Howland), Ohio.

Chris Westfall


Inspired by seeing his grandmother's battle with a Medicare Advantage Company over hospital payments, Christopher Westfall obtained his license in 1991. At the time, Chrisopher worked with seniors part-time while working as a full-time law enforcement officer. But in 2008, Christopher left law enforcement and began the Senior Savings Network. Christopher and His team have built an agency over the years that serves over 10,000 Medicare beneficiaries in 47 states across the country. You may also recognize Christopher from his popular YouTube channel where he has dedicated years to educating others about the industry and current issues.

Zac Freema


After meeting Ann Wiley of Wiley Insurance Services in the summer of 2015, Zac quickly began working as an agent under the Wiley Insurance umbrella. With a lot of Ambition, Courage, and Help from colleagues, it didn't take long for him to be a top agent in Ohio. He started Empire Insurance Group in 2023 to Help other agents grow and be as successful as he is, by sharing his knowledge of marketing, sales tactics, and overcoming adversities in the senior market.